Posts/Piers Question

All right guys point me in the right direction. I am wanting some information/literature on posts/piers. Heres an example (A home has a sag in the living room floor. You go under the house and find additional support has been added in that area to remedy the problem.)

I am trying to find info on the different, buy correct, ways to add posts/piers. Any info on posts/piers would be very useful. I checked NACHI’s education section and the searched the message board, but could not find exactly what I am looking for. Thanks in advance.

In cases such as you describe, posts may be installed to reduce the span of a beam which was insufficiently-sized and therefore deflected (sagged). There are a couple of possible problems. First, strengthening the beam should be investigated to correct the capacity of it. This is a simple calculation, but should be done by a competent architect or structural engineer, who can verify the design loads on the beam. If this is done, temporary jacking posts can be used to remove the deflection in the beam, before the additional material is added to the beam. If that option isn’t chosen, jacking posts may be used to remove the deflection in the beam, and then permanent additional posts can be installed, but the new posts should be carried on footings and not simply the floor slab, and the footing sizes should be determined by a competent architect or structural engineer. Jacking posts are not considered to be permanent measures. Solid posts properly connected to footing and beam are required.

I hope this helps.

Just as Richard stated so well. Defer this to a professional. Too many people untrained, inexperienced will try to jack a house up to take a sag or dip in the flooring out only to find they have introduced many new and expensive problems. Often walls and ceilings will crack, windows and doors will no long open or close properly, flooring can often buckle to name just a few of things that happen. I would try to find the most experienced person available to do this job, not just a contractor. House moving companies will usually be a good source for this or will know someone who is. NOT for the novice or faint of heart. We have thousands of very old homes in Pensacola in the North Hill and East Hill areas, and I see botched up jobs all the time.

Thanks guys. I was just asking in general because I see quite a few homes here with added support. I am just trying to brush up on my foundation knowledge. I do agree that you should defer to a qualified professional, and I always do if I see jacking has taken place. This is just for my own knowledge. Does anyone know of any good reading material (besides NACHI’s)?

Good link Doug;

A little on the heavier side.

This picture shows both columns lengthen to a new foundation footer.

This is picking up a load of steel framing with a 5" slab on deck with a gable steel roof framing gable roof.
Objective, to pick up the load to lengthen the steel columns to a lower elevation on a new footing.

This one needed my personal touch to accomplish with a Structural Engineers designed loading and procedure.
Two twenty ton jacks were used and were maxed out.
One column was relieved of pressure until a 3/32 inch shim could slide under it’s bearing point.
No more lifting pressure should be exerted unnecessarily, otherwise some damage could occur to the structural slab and beams. Pick up the dead load and no more than necessary.

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