Pot Lights & Energy Efficient Bulbs (posted by Fred Henderson)

[ASKNACHI]This question was posted on AskNACHI.org by Fred Henderson (from Brampton, Ontario). [/ASKNACHI]I am re-doing my basement (not an insulated ceiling) and was looking for a pot light that would take the energy efficient bulbs, and the bulbs would not stick down below the pot light.
Is there such a thing, and if so, who sells it?

The are compact fluorescent (CF) bulbs matching the form factor (shape and size) of most common incandescent bulbs; take look in the light bulb isle of your local Home Depot, or search here:


If the lights are in a location requiring “IC” lights:


they still need to IC type cans even if you intend to use CF bulbs - someone might later change them back to incandescents.

If your growing pot try the UV bulbs.:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

The light is a flush mount potlight, you can get them at any Home Depot or Rona for that matter, they are attached to the floor joist and have a section that fits onto the drywall or tile ceiling. They can use energy effecient bulbs or halogen bulbs, depending on which setup you go with.
Please make sure that they are installed according to manufactures spec’s and that you also use an electrician for proper installation and tying into the main distribution panel. You may also want to make sure that a permit ( electric ) is or is not required in your area as well.