Pot Lights

I performed an inspection and the home had been renovated and quite a few pot lights were installed in the ceiling. I checked in the attic and the insulation was a mess but my clients are concerned with the type of pot lights used and wanted to make sure they were rated for use in an attic and insulation can be used around the casing.
I grabbed a picture of one (attached) but could not locate on the unit where it would state if the unit is suitable for this purpose. By looking at the pic can this unit be covered with insulation?

If there is no labeling on the outside there should be labeling on the inside. Remove the lamp and the trim section and look for the label. IF I had to guess I would say that from the photo those are IC rated cans.

Thanks Robert, that was my thoughts as well but without seeing the actual rating I did not want to give the client any incorrect information. I will let him know that he may be able to find the rating on the inside of the light.

If the housing of the light is all silver aluminum they should be good. If the housing is white they are not insulation contact rated.

Pot Lights Eh…Must be installed in Colorado…Nice Dreams music playing in my head …

Those are your typical ‘Air tight housing IC rated recessed lights’. The square housing prevents heat from room to be lost into attic being an air tight unit , sell them at Home Depot etc. perfectly fine for 'In Contact 'with insulation

Thanks to all those that answered. Client was happy to hear the responses.