Potable Water Tubing Type

Unable to make out the tubing material. Only a partial label.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

From here PB (polybutylene).

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looks like PB from Ohio…

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It looks like PB from Northern MI. :smile:

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Thanks all. That’s what I was thinking. The building underwent extensive renovations >< 20 years ago.
I personally hate to guess.
I sent the report recommending further evaluation by a licensed plumber.
Thanks again.

Is that the water distribution piping/tubing or a connector between a shut off and sink? I’ve seen connectors like that that resemble PB.

That tubing with labling is the potable supply tubing. No potable water pipes to be found.
The faucet risers, as you explained, are PB.

The following sometimes helps me with pipe identification, and Sometimes I change the close up angle on the camera to take section by section pics of the pipe lettering. If the letters PB are in the writing…I think Inspector Outlet carries something similar.

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