Potential threat to Realtors

  • Deleted until story can be confirmed -

I hope they catch ole “Tater Scrubbs” before he brings the housing market to a stand still. :smiley:

Another reason to get a concealed weapon permit and carry a gun. I do and feel a lot better about it.

My daughter’s apartment was broken into last week. Then another in the same complex. Then they catch this guy squatting in a vacant apartment equipped with an easy chair and a lot of porn. As the cops are cuffing and stuffing this guy the apartment manager overheard him say " When they find out who I really am I’m going away for a long time." Same Guy maybe?

Could be George. I originally questioned the accuracy of the report that I based this post on and talked to the person that originated it. He is a very well respected member of the RE community here in Austin and he assured me it was true. I attempted to confirm the story with APD but have been unsuccessful so far. Now, I see where the Austin Bd of Realtors is indicating APD cannot confirm this threat. I think I will revise my original post until this can be better confirmed.