Poured basement wall,concrete-pitch was hardly the problem


Would ya please look at the photos and see why a new slab or mudjacking an existing slab etc does NOT fix whatever the actual problem(s) aka entryways are.

Please tell my aging Bubba-butt how anything OTHER than what was done in photos would fix/repair/waterproof the REAL problems.

Only two things they could have done Bubba.

Water proof the foundation like you just did on that little portion, an raise the frigging building so the foundation is at least 6" above grade.

That would be a start. :):wink:

lolol Mr C…yeah and some prolly would go ahead n raise it, especially if some inside system terd told them that was the only thing ta do :wink:

I actually meant doing those things when they build the godarn thing.

Where are these builders coming from.?:wink:

got cha :wink:

:)Keep your head above the dirt Bubba in those trenches. :wink:

Marcel, lolol wish i could but as you know sir, quite a few of these basements/footings are D d D d Deeeeeeep, 6-8’++ deep…1 day it could be all over fer Bubbamilk if trenchie wants to end Bubb’s life. :wink:

I know they are and hopefully it will never happen. Take care and stay on your guard for those weak banks. :slight_smile:

:wink: Bubba never wanted to be a pancake, ty sir.

Bubba jus wanna flatten 'em wet basement cowboys.:wink:

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees sir! Because…they’re incompetent and/or fraudulent(they rip people off!),sorry but the truth hurts sometimes eh.:wink:

Well the problem here looks like the use of joining material was not done properly while fixing the slabs. Another reason can be leaving space while setting the slabs because of which water directly made an impact on the material.

What is a Bubba-butt? Gotta tell you guys, coming in in the middle of this thread, it’s pretty disgusting. Please don’t reply, I don’t want to be listed on the same thread as you.

…huh? Are you serious? #-o
And just wondering, are you a home inspector, concrete guy/owner or…?

I’m with you Bubba, Huh!:slight_smile:

lol :mrgreen: ya know Mr C! Sheeeeesh!

Say yet a-g dang-gin, the basement leaks and has NOTHING to do wiff the STOOPID concrete, the stoopid pitch of duh concrete etc!@!@!

It leaks because of duhhhh, there are friggin numerous openings in,above the WALL (below the dumb az concrete) for the stoooooooopid water to friggin ENTER!!! lolol

Look at each picture and if ANYONE can’t figure it out, screw em.

Why DOESN’T it leak NOW (after the work ya see)? Because the actual problems were waterproooooooooofffffed!!!