Power PDF Advanced-need help

Does anyone know how (if possible) I can have the bottom address line in the 1802 auto fill to the following pages using the above…I could do it with Adobe but I don’t have that anymore.



But as I have been yelling for years…YOU ONLY NEED THIS PRODUCT http://www.pdfill.com/

Best $20 you will ever spend. The free tools alone are worth it. pdf to image image to pdf etc…

Best thing is if you need help with that I CAN help you.

Looks like a pretty good deal, Michael.


It is a piece of crap. Get Adobe 9 pro for next to nothing online.


Agreed also,

Real professionals use professional software

You all are crazy. Have any of you used it? Way simpler than any acrobat software.

Why do you all try to convince others to piss away money?

Give me 2 things that make it no good.

Here is an example in case you need some ideas.

Adobe sucks because you cannot drag and drop pictures to your pages.

I have noticed that sometimes you cannot do stuff with email while adobe is opened.

Adobe is NOT user friendly.

Adobe does not come with ANY tools that are really useful.

You do not need to use other programs like life cycle for ANYTHING.

No you cannot say it sucks because I use it either :slight_smile:

Ok your turns…

You have no idea what you are talking about…none.

And, I don’t have time to teach you! :smiley:

To your example, you don’t have to drag and drop anything. One click does it all…:wink:


B U L L S H I T You have to make your form do it all I do it drag a picture from one folder to the page. I have used acrobat. Have you used pdfill?

Still waiting on hearing 2 reasons why the program I recommend sucks or will not do the job. Come on 2 should be easy if you have any experience with it.

Why would I be dumb enough to take a photo from a folder…when I can just take the picture? :wink: If I wanted to, I could pluck the picture from the cloud, dropbox, a file on a remote computer…if I wanted to slow myself down…

As I said, you do not know what you are talking about.

It is the difference in using software and designing programs with it.

Can you do a roof calculation with your software?

Never tried as It is simple enough to do on a calculator the rare, rare time I must. I do not even do it monthly.

Again have you ever tried the software you are putting down?

Simpler than typing in two numbers? I thought for sure…of all people, this would appeal to you! :wink:

All kidding aside, Adobe is the best…you just have to learn how to use it. Once you figure it out, you will never go back to those half-assed programs.

Log in to Adobe.com and your software that you purchased will be there. You can e mail them to get the serial number and activation code.


CAN YOU READ THIS??? :slight_smile:

Have you tried the software you are putting down? Third time asking, just saying.

For about 5 minutes…then deleted. Just like the other piece of junk, cutepdf.

Did you check your email?

Just for you, I will try it again. 504MB…this should be fun!

And, it has been deleted! 150 bucks huh? Keep it!

$150 for what?

I got it thanks. How to you insert photos? Some times I do put in more than 2 photos to include the whole roof or areas of concern. then I just drag to where I want and to the size I want and done. I do not see how this is easier but I will give it a shot.,


I downloaded the trial 13MB, took 30 seconds to download…don’t know where you are getting 504MB? and it’s $19.99? Where you getting $150 from?

File, new blank project, I drag and dropped a few pictures, annotated them, even put some text on the pictures themselves. 1 minute. looks slick. saved it and veiwed in adobe reader, the trial has a water mark, but other than that it looks just like I created it.

I didn’t get into all the features, but it looks useful to me. I’ll certainly spend the $20 when I need it.


To me it is worth 5 times as much. Maybe Eric has tried another program with a similar name I have seen it also.

The program is not perfect but it works awesome for me.