Power PDF Advanced-need help

Does anyone know how (if possible) I can have the bottom address line in the 1802 auto fill to the following pages using the above…I could do it with Adobe but I don’t have that anymore.


The answer is yes, but it depends on the setup of the form. When setting it up in adobe, copy the address field, then paste it where you need it.

Hey Ted, try this:
( I use PDF PRO, its made by same company)
on an unfilled copy of the 1802. You have to locate the icon that allows you to add text boxes. On mine its called the text field tool. As you run your mouse over each of the icons it should tell you what they do. When you locate the text field tool, click on it. You should now see the names of each of the fillable boxes. Now double click in the space you want to copy. (the address box) It brings up a box marked text field properties. Click on the box marked field name. Copy the name. Then you need to close the box. go to the line you want to autofill, and double click on that box. Delete the name in the box marked field name, and paste in the name from the first box. Do the same on each page. Make sure you save the changes, and close the document. Reopen the document and then as you type the address in on the main line it will autofill the others.
If you can’t understand any of this call me on 954 588 2556 and I will try and talk you through it. Or email me and I can send you the blank form I use! (Sean@imperialinspections.com)

If the original fillable form is simple (not done with Livecycle) and you have a pdf form editor, all you have to do is rename the text fields the same. Whatever goes into one of them will auto-populate the others.