Power Save 1200

POWER-SAVE 1200 unit is a UL listed product and with up to 25% energy savings, has a potential return on investment in twelve months.

Anybody have any comments on this. Is it worth having?

Total and utter waste of money. Do not buy it… it will not save you one nickel. The same recycled hocus pocus that crops up every time there’s an energy price spike. As long as we pay our electric bill in terms of kilowatt hours and not kilovars, that piece of garbage is not saving a damned penny.

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Best comment I have read:

If the PowerSave 1200 Doesn’t have Active Power Factor Sensing, and can’t dynamically apply the appropriate amount of capacitance to accomodate changing Load PF conditions, then I’d think that it is probably designed more to accomodate the “Average Joe” Homeowner, that has the Usual Refrigerator/Freezer, Washer, Dryer, (and perhaps a Central Air Conditioner) type of setup…

In that case, It’s Overall Effectiveness on Energy Cost Savings would be dependant on the Actual Load conditions of the Home that it is installed into

Listen to Mark.

Without large and nearly constant large inductive loads in use there can be very little if any actual savings.

On the other hand I have some gas line magnets for sale that are a sure thing.:sarcasm::sarcasm:

Oh, it might correct “power factor” somewhat. In fact, it would have to a little bit or it would be false advertising. The only thing is that the power companies do not penalize you for poor power factor. You could have the worst power factor on your block, correct it with the Power Save hocus pocus, and your bill would be the same.

If I recall correctly, when I looked up the UL listing on that thing (or one of the many similar units out now), it was UL listed as a Transient Voltage Surge Supressor!!! I guess it does that too, and that was the easiest thing to get UL listed under. Sorta tells you something.

I appreciate the feedback. 25% savings sounded to good to be true.

How about the magnets?:wink:

I just looked up the UL listing on the exact unit we’re talking about in this thread. It’s just UL listed as a power factor correction capacitor. Big whoop-dee-doo.


I just noticed that on the UL site, there are only three models that are truly UL listed. The PS1200 model (the one they hype in all their ads) does not appear to be UL listed itself. Interesting.

This is the information that a local inspector is stating on his website.

What are the magnets good for? Or not.

Sticking to your refrigerator.:smiley:

Mike I’d like to order three sets of those magnets please…:slight_smile:

and do you have anymore of those gizmo’s for the fuel line on My van available ???..jim

Jim they have been so popular (especially among Democrats) that they are currently out of stock and not likely to be available anytime soon.:cool:

:frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: