Powerline and pipeline thermal imaging.

Of all the type IR jobs out there, scanning power lines and pipelines via chopper seems like the coolest of them all.

I’m trying to find someone I might could call or get some info from. They had a guy who specialized in this area at FLIR’s InfraMation conference last year but I can’t find his info.

If you spend the $100k+ to get all the needed equipment(GasFindIR, Aircraft mount, software, chopper/pilot rental capabilities) and training, are these type jobs hard to land? Where do you even start? Are there any required certifications beyond Level 1-3 that is required to bid on such jobs?

What’s the best way to get training or the know-how to do jobs such as 20+ mile pipelines?

Looks like it could be downright dangerous…

It isn’t about owning the equipment. Now is it?

When you get learned, I’ll give you the connection.

His connection is not posted.
He is my neighbor.

20 miles? Try 2,000/ea. How many flight hours is that?
I have looked through the bottom of a helicopter and it ain’t a fun job as you seem to think.

That’s an incredible video! I hope he gets paid well!

Yeah, 2000 thousand miles of inspecting anything including Victoria Secret swim suit models might even become a drag.

Could you imagine what the pay is on such jobs though? Landing one huge job like that would pay off all your equipment and training an then some. The next job would be 75% profit and you could near about live comfortably off 2 jobs a year. Work some jobs in the Summer and Ski Utah powder in the Winter:mrgreen::mrgreen:

One side of me is thinking it might be really hard obtaining these type jobs. Another side of me thinks of the thousands and thousands of miles of pipe-lines and power lines that will continue to need these services and only about the top 2-3% of thermographers seem to be seeking that level of work.

In your opinion, do you feel such large scale jobs would be hard to secure if you had all the proper equipment and training? I’m also single and able to travel an work wherever needed.

I believe I could obtain the equipment and training but I gotta do some serious research because failing wouldn’t be an option with that kinda investment. I guess I’ll head back to InfraMation an see what I can’t find out. If you think of anything that I might helpful than it would be much appreciated.


Companies that own these pipelines and power lines sometimes do it in house and other times use subs. You will have to do your research for your local companies and how they approach it.

We just did a job for a company here in AZ on 5600’ of underground water line.

I think you will find there are more opportunities in the investigation part of the industry, as a 3rd party is what they are looking for.


I know of an accountant that does the NG pipeline company books that took TI training because she knows what they write off on leaks every day…

That IS a connection where you can get paid $22k a month and not cost your client one red cent…

They are loosing it anyway, till the EPA shows up.

Another point of marketing view…

Maybe they don’t want to know about the leak your going to find.
As long as they are making money and don’t know nothing, everyone is happy.

Good luck beating that one!