PPE is important

I had to open an attic hatch today (yes Sunday) and got a little suprise land on my shoulder but had it landed on my head it probably wouldn’t have hurt at all. Just one not all three and I managed to catch it before it damaged the floor. Oh ya and you should have seen my client run as she didn’t know what it was but saw it jump out of the attic and land on my shoulder.

I always lift the hatch straight up. What PPE is going to protect your shoulder? Hopefully you’re ok though.

Is the brick ok?

I find this frequently usually when they have cyclone vent.
I do not like them they in a wind cause a vacum in the attic and pull warm air from the home .
They can also leak snow some times … Roy

Chris, had a hatch above the first one graze my foreheat the other day.
Careful careful careful!
Glad you are OK!
Marc-Andre- BMAinspection.com