Practice for State Licensing Exam

How helpful was the Practice for State Licensing Exam practice for anybody who used it prior to their state’s licensing exam? Were the questions similar? Planning on taking my state (South Carolina) exam in 2 weeks.

Brian Mack

I wish the Practice for State Licensing Exam was more like the free “sample exam”. It’s very tedious going through it, having to click answer, close window, click answer, close window. I ended up passing my State exam, but I only went through the first 8 pages of that practice just because of the tedium involved.

If anything on this site could be improved, that’s the topmost thing I would recommend.

I took the 120 hr course at a school. so 20% easy practice exam here, 30 % State practice here and 50% from school.

Good Luck!


That sounds like 2 clicks each. I’m not sure how I can get that down any lower.

Like I said, make it like the OE page exam. 120 random questions from all the pages. Or something better than how it’s setup currently.

It’s 60 (or more) clicks just for the first page of questions

4,200 clicks (or more) for the whole she-bang, Nick.

70 pages, 30 questions per page, 2 clicks (or more if you’re wrong). Do the math. It’s TEDIOUS.


One idea would be to just have a mouse hover-popup that shows “incorrect” or “correct” as you hover the mouse over the answers, instead of all the click-fest action you have now.


I took the practice tests a bunch, and I liked being able to see if I was wrong or right. Must have helped, because I passed the state exam. Now looking to shadow someone for a few inspections before setting out on my own.

Congratulations! I found the state exam a lot harder than the practice one.

What area are you in?


I also found the state exam to be harder. I’m in Charleston, SC.