Practice Tests for Master Inspectors?

Are there any materials or resources I can use to study for a Master Inspector exam? I’ve found multiple resources for a residential home inspector test but nothing at the maters level.

That’s because the only “test” is… EXPERIENCE!!

If you have to ask…

I’m looking to become a master inspector in my state, not a CMI for internachi, In the state of nevada they have a proctored exam that I would like to study for but I cannot find any information on which books they are pulling their exam questions from. I know my field well and I’ve done thousands of inspections, and instead of being cocky and assuming I know everything, I like to ensure I am well versed in my field and in the tests I may be taking. Id like helpful advice, not smart quips.

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Your whole reply was cocky without even trying as is you were explaining how you don’t want to sound cocky. I see what you did there. :sunglasses::joy::metal:

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Lawrence T. Perna, IOS 2290-RES — their last post was 2y ago.

Lawrence T. Perna, IOS 2290-RESlperna1 Non-Member Guest

Tell us again why we should share industry secrets with a NON-Member with no verifiable, factual information??
Seems to me you don’t know “your field” very well if you have need to come here for local information.

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Sorry, I guess i just assumed you guys would be glad to help a fellow inspector out, it’s good to know your such a friendly and welcoming group, really makes me want to join your ranks. I wasn’t asking for trade secrets, I was asking for exam information. If you don’t know the answers that’s fine.

I wasn’t aware I needed to prove my credentials or have membership to ask for help, thus the site allowing NONE MEMBERS to still post in the forums. I’ll take my questions elsewhere. Sorry to take your time gentleman

I was trying to defend my credentials because the only reply I got was “EXPERIENCE!” And “…if you have to ask” as if I was out of my depth or that they felt I didn’t deserve the answers. I legitimately came on here asking for help and Instead I’ve been antagonized. I don’t want to fight or bicker, I was hoping would link me to a website or a book and that would be that. If you guys don’t want to help me or legitimately don’t know, that’s totally cool but there’s no reason post on this thread just to antagonize me or call our my credentials.

Did you ever think to call the state division in charge of exam administration
for any suggested reference material.

And welcome! :grin::wink:

Marc, thank you for the advice! I did try this and unfortunately, the state Division referred me to the testing facility, after calling the testing facility, they said they did not have any exam prep materials for this exam and they did not know where the test question bank was pulled from. The state of Nevada had the normal PSI proctored exam that is given across most the country but as of last year the testing was taken over by another facility called Pearson VUE which used a different test. As it’s so new, none of my local inspectors have any information on the masters exam, I’m not even sure if an inspector has taken it here in Las Vegas since it changed.

Sometimes it’s hard to succeed without willing to fail

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