Practicing OAHI members

*I am curious… how many NACHI members are also members of OAHI, or CAHPI? *
*I dont mean retired members, just those who are RHI, Associate or Candidate. I can think of Claude, but I would like to know who else. You can either post here, or email me to protect your privacy. *
I am asking this for a good reason, which I will post at a later date, when I have a little more info.
Thanks all.

I think this is a moving target Hard to get an idea .
It is hard to find out the true numbers of members of OAHI as well as NACHI.
They always inflate there membership counting students who have no say and are not listed. Many come and go every year.
Example if you are a member of OAHI you are not shown in the public list.
Many free NACHI memberships where given and most have not renewed but are still listed as NACHI members.
This is also information that OAHI would love to have and I expect you will not get many if any telling what you wish to know.
Roy Cooke sr.

Maybe it would be best if any replies were private. I’m not looking for information for any nefarious purposes, I was only wanting to know how many members we have who also are members of OAHI or CAHPI. Again, I will make the purpose of this known, probably by the end of the weekend.

Current member of OAHI RHi (retired) and by osmosis CAHPI, formerly ASHI, and current NACHI.

It is not a secret at least with me, I have nothing to hide. Freedom of association and freedom of expression.