Pre-cast stone over brick veneer

The latest trend. New construction. The brick veneer goes all the way down to the foundation. Pre-cast stone adhered to it. Goes across the entire front of the home. What do you see wrong???

P1060270.JPG P1060271.JPG



A veneer over a veneer can lead to problems down the road, unless wire lathed and ties attached to the framing and or sheathing. It also depends on how well the brick veneer is attached.

Good thoughts. Not what I had in mind. Anything else?

Blocked weep holes in the brick veneer, moisture will have no where to escape leading to all the issues related with that…

The water from the downspouts will not be taken away from the house. Instead it appears that water will back up against the house. Where does the water go?

Agreed that veneer over veneer can lead to problems. I agree with Derek, I don’t see any weep holes.

Educate us Joe. Other than a lot of water penetration, what’s the issue?

That’s probably it, downspouts without extensions, and veneer at grade with no weeps.

Are you sure the brick veneer does not just have a end cap where the stone starts

Thinking no achors used either since probably added after brick. Even though some stone veneer don’t include in the instructions

That’s what it looks like to me. Especially the second picture.


I am not a gambler and was not on site but I would bet there are no brick behind that stone;-)

No flashing to be seen or drip edge anywhere along that wall. Cementing it or bonding to the original brick is done this way all the time but not without someway to control the water.

I can almost see the interior water intrusion from here .:slight_smile:
The brick veneer should be flashed at the transition.

I strongly agree, the brick does not go all the way to the foundation, it stops at the stone.

Did not consider anything else which is why they need flashing at the transition.

I noticed and agree with your viewpoint.

My response was to the original post:

Can you prove this show me some pic without the end cap installed. If I can physically see the brick then I might believe it

According to some training weep holes should be every 32 inches.
Here is just one for Oldcastle CE

I was not talking about weep holes everyone that has been in this business long enough to take his second breath understands weep holes.

I was referencing the brick not going to the foundation and the stone being attached to the brick. To me it appears the stone were set first then came the brick and not behind the stone;-)

Kevin you are claiming the stone is attached to the brick veneer.
Can you show us an example of this ever being done since you say it is common ?
Must be a Canada thing.:slight_smile:

Hope you guys use extra strong anchor straps.