Pre-inspection agreement or ?

Whats the occasion an HI would need a PRE-inspection agreement versus an Inspection Agreement? Scenario in mind is meeting my client first time in person at the time the house is to be inspected.

The contract is dependant upon the Client, The Property, the Sale, the Type of Inspection, etc…

I use several contracts, each tailored to a particular need.

You will need to consult your Business Attorney to verify that your Business needs are being Fulfilled with regard to your Contracts.

In my mind they are one and the same as opposed to a “post inspection” agreement. Its like when you take your car or truck to a mechanic he makes you sign an agreement BEFORE he begins to work on it. Most of us want to know beforehand the customer understands what they are getting in the way of an inspection so there isn’t any question about what services we are providing and no misunderstandings about the intent and scope of an inspection. Most insurance companies require you to have a contract (again, same thing) “before” you begin inspecting the home. That way if you fall thru the ceiling your insurance is in effect. Without a contract the customer could say “Hell, I didn’t hire this clown, let him pay for the ceiling.”

I use the same contract for pre-listing as I do pre-sale.


Most insurance companies will NOT cover an inspection without a pre-inspection agreement signed beforehand, Doug is absolutely right about that. The PIA is your first line of defense in the event of a claim and therefore it’s important to have it signed by the client.

How does this differ from having the client sign the primary agreement before starting the inspection? Let say I use NACHI’s agreement. I meet the client at the house and before I begin they sign it. Thats all I need isn’t it? I have seperate agreements from Mold and Radon.

My understanding is that if you limit your liability that clause should be pointed out to the client, prior to signing the contract.