Pre Inspection Agreement

OK… another maybe dumb questions.

Does the Inspection Report Software include the PIA?? If not… where do I find this and does Internachi offer one?



My software included the pia. Don’t know if they all do. Most companies will give you a demo or trial.

I use 3D and have the option of sending my PIA through it via email, but I use the ISN for that.

Any PIA you get will most likely need to be tweaked for your business and services offered.

It is considered a legal document so it’s a good idea to have an attorney look it over for you.

Contact Joe Denneler, he writes agreements specific to each state. He was at the Orlando conference.

Also, if you post your agreement in a new thread in this forum, I can review it for you.

There is no home inspection agreement that is written better than one written by an experienced lawyer in your own jurisdiction who will be defending it in the courts of law that he is familiar with.

I couldn’t disagree more. Local custom in the practice of law isn’t a deciding factor in your success in court. Therefore familiarity with it is equally as trivial. InterNACHI has spent many years working on inspection agreements, many hours researching court cases, and several hundred thousands of dollars to construct and tweak our pre-inspection agreement. Your uncle Joe the attorney or your local D.U.I. criminal lawyer would have to also spend many years and many hundreds of thousands of dollars to familiarize himself enough with our industry to ever even attempt to catch up to InterNACHI. Yes, have your attorney modify InterNACHI’s agreement if he/she likes, but then post it here so we can review what he/she has changed. 100% of the time, if your local attorney authors your PIA… it’s a mess and will harm you. But don’t take my word for it. Post your PIA agreement on a new thread in this forum, then have your attorney read what I say about it.

Not a dumb question at all… Spectacular Inspection Software has 3 different pre-inspection agreements to choose from including InterNACHI’s agreement. Once chosen, you can modify the text and presentation to your liking… It’s available in the free sample mode as well to try out…

I couldn’t agree more I had a lawyer do mine and you tore it up Nick but good, I never really was happy with his wording. I still THANK YOU NICK and the lawyer looked it over and said WOW. I know I sleep better, Thanks Again Nick

We will have to agree to disagree, I guess.

Don’t take my word for it. Post your PIA on a new thread in this forum. Let me critique it. Ask your attorney to read my comments and tell you what he/she thinks. Send me his/her bill for doing so and I’ll reimburse you.

I’ll take you up on it. Is there a cap on how much I can get to repay a lawyer from you?

No. It can’t take more than an hour to read my comments (and maybe I’ll have none if the agreement looks sound), so I’ll pay his hourly rate. Post your PIA in a new thread.

In the NACHI inspection agreement, why did you add the following to the agreement?
“The report is only supplementary to the seller’s agreement.”

Another question for you, should the contract be for the company or the individual inspector?

So that your client can’t complain about something you didn’t point out, but that he/she was alerted to by the seller in the seller’s disclosure statement. Also, to reassert that your duties do not include uncovering seller fraud (example: where the seller intentionally painted over something to hide stains).

Most agreements written by local attorneys fail to include this. Post your agreement in a new thread and I’ll review the entire document for you.

Your company, LLC or corp. Otherwise your client has contracted with you personally.