Pre Inspection Contract

I’m looking to beef up my Pre Inspection Contract. Just wondering if anyone is willing to share what they are currently using?

Greg Melien

Several contracts here:

Thanks Dominic, should have looked there in the first place.


No problem :wink:

can you use handhelds like the hp or palm with this software?

Real inspectors don’t use handhelds.:wink:

Dan if you’re asking me, no we stopped using handhelds after the first version of our program. We only have an insurance program that works on a Palm. Tablets are $499 with 9" screens and in our opinion (and there are definitely other opinions out there) are more efficient that a 2.5" to 4" PDA screen. You can write entire sentences on them rather than letter by letter on a tablet as well.

Yes that pecking away on the PDA to spell out words can be a pain so further wording can be done on a lap top ( gives you a second chance to correct your spelling too !!). But you cannot hang a note book around your neck and if you drop it . . . . . . .