Pre inspection documents

I thought I saw on internachi a document to provide clients pre inspection. Information on what a home inspection is or isn’t. I can’t seem to find it. Does this not exist?

The SOP? How in the world did you get your CPI without knowing this?

Worry not! We do your homework for you!

@mwilles will do you written reports. He is a very cool gentleman once he gets to know you better :slight_smile:


That wasn’t what I was quite after . Yes those are easily accessible. I had thought there was a shorter form information for homeowners. Appreciate the insight.

Ben I don’t think there is a shorter document than the SOP. It’s an excellent resource and right to the point.

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Do you provide this link with every inspection agreement? I certainly could have misjudged my thinking on what a homeowner or buyer is willing to process. I’m sure its different for every customer.

Is this what you are looking for?

Similar yes thank you. I’m working on one now that can inform both buyer or seller. The above comments are probably right however. Sop really does concisely tell what is and isn’t included. I’ve been known to make things harder on myself

Ben after the agreement it signed I follow up with an invoice and a PDF of the SOP with a clear message to read the document and contact me with any questions.

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Thanks great info I’m really just getting going here and want a good foundation to start with. I was a carpenter for many years transitioning into weatherization ,building analysis and energy audits. I’ve always felt confident throughout that people understood what they were getting. I’m nervous of the horror stories about complaints, reviews and lawsuits from people who don’t seem to clearly understand what we as inspectors can or cannot see.

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That’s a good background. Hit every item on the SOP and report it accurately and you wont have to worry about the problems you mentioned. Follow up with a conversation with the client and make sure they understand the report.

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Thanks again. I’ve also been struggling a bit with a script of sorts. During my practice inspections I’ve had trouble with jumping around in my software (spectacular for now) If I’m doing the Exterior and run into other components so maybe having the sop easily accessible to me will also help. Thank you

Ben I use Tap Inspect. First five reports are free. I arrange the software to match my inspection routine and add local SOP requirements so I never miss a thing. It can be used on my iPad with no cell phone signal required. I come home and add my IR images and I’m done. Oh and it’s $5 per inspection. Just roll the cost into your price like the Buy Back Guarantee.