Pre Leasing Inspections

Hey all,

I just had a quick question, since the housing market here in Northern California is virtually DRY… I was wondering about offering Pre Leasing Inspections since the now that there are more homes being leased rather than bought. I have some friends that asked me if I would come in and inspect the home more as a “This is how the house looked when I leased it” type inspection and take the photos and point out the obvious existing damage or repairs that were done prior to them moving into the house. What I wanted to know is this inside the realm of normal inspections. I believe it to be “With in the scope” so to speak, but would it be OK professionally?


I call that a lease inspection. Come to an agreement of what you are doing, and put it in writing. It’s really nothing like a home inspection. You aren’t documenting defects so much as current condition. Take lots of pictures, and document any existing visible damage. Also unlike a normal inspection, you will also document minor cosmetic things like torn carpet, gouged vinyl flooring, dry wall dings, etc.

Thanks Mark!!

That’s my RENTER inspection. Creating different inspections for different people having different needs, wants, and goals because of their different circumstances can easily creat a small company that can provide you with a six-figure salary each and every, regardless of the state of the real estate market.

Today I had an attorney call me. An attorney from my Friday-attorneys-night-out group referred him to me. He had visited my web page and read through all the choices. He was pretty sure he wanted the BASIC inspection, but after talking with him for 45 minutes, he decided he would rather have the PREMIUM inspection. So in 45 minutes, we went from my competition’s one-and-only type of inspection, my BASIC inspection, to my STANDARD inspection to my PREMIUM inspection. So cost on the 2,869-SF house went from $599 to $749 to $1,499. What a great 45 minutes!

Im trying to Offer Listing inspections to homes on the market… mostly Brokers are scared I might find somthing and kill the listing. Guess they will have to wait for me to find it untill after the listing huh?

I have it listed on several free sites including Craigs list. Havent had any takers yet, I think I am going to make a flyer and put them up in the local grocery stores, convience stores etc. See what happens…