Pre license so courses will be accredited

Hello, can anyone guide me how to get a license number so the courses I take will be accredited?

Internachi doesn’t license home inspectors.

I want to take the Texas test. So the 90 hours Internachi training course required for training before applying for the Home Inspector License test will be accredited by Internachi?
I guess the license # is required for CE training? I must have misunderstood? I didn’t want to miss a step, take the training and have it not count.

You must enroll in the education certification part. the “free” courses to Internachi" members are not accepted. You must go through an accredited training facility. There is a course through Nachi, cost matters on state. I just finished ICA and was thoroughly pleased. I just this week got my license in NC and SC

Congrats on receiving your license. Let me understand,(it’s a little confusing) are you saying that even though I can take the free Internachi training course that I have to take some other course before I can take the Texas exam? What do you men by “members are not accepted”?

Another option, Contact @bgromicko1 by PM,, or He and/or the education team should get you on the right track if the link @ccurrins provided doesn’t help. Ben is usually pretty quick to get back to people.

Sorry. Yes, you have to take a certification course. If you go to a search engine type in home inspector certification training. The free ones to our members are more for the continuing ed or information. I just googled training in Texas, and it says you need to contact this link: [Texas Professional Real Estate Inspector Association (TPREIA)] and speak with either Paul or Brenda Roebuck.

Great, Thank you