Pre listing Inspection

Yesterday I was contacted to perform a prelisting inspection. Set up for today at 10AM. Arrived early to meet a nice couple looking to sell there home that they have lived in for 30+ years.

The lady of the home made pottery and was very good at here craft/hobby. She had a house full of materials/supplies.

I was nearing the end of the inspection and was discussing her craft and she told me here son of 39 years passed away about 3 weeks ago. She no longer had interest in her craft and the were staying in the house just to take care of there sick son. He was sick for a long time.

I still feel for the couple and I hope I can help them with there house.

I took a picture of the lady with one of here recently made pottery right before she told me about her son.

The lady is really skilled at making pottery. The art work, painting was really good.

Just sad when a sibling dies before the parent.

Thought I would share.

yes it is very hard to handle…