Pre-Paid Legal offers plans to NACHI members.

Pre-Paid Legal is a MLM make money plan for self employed people.

The agent

Some like it some hate it - Like other MLM companies your mileage might very

I have not spent in the last 10-20-30 years anything close to what I would have spent if I had Pre-Payed Legal and trust me I have had some legal bills.

A lot of what PPL does for free is also fee on line. The main people that seem to be upset are PPL sales people who also must subscribe to their services - renewal rate with this group is low. Big turn over

To each their own -

BTW – Nick thank you for passing on the info – I would think that as time goes on our members could get even a better deal. I would hope that the people that have PPL now are now able to get a better deal - If not we have been had.

Any people out there able to now get a better deal??