Pre-Pilot Consultation Chapter Meetings

We are in the development stages of running a pilot.

The pilot involves InterNACHI inspectors giving discount/gift cards to their clients.

Potential brands to partner with include The Home Depot, Lowe’s and Sears.

We’re meeting at InterNACHI Chapters in Colorado, near InterNACHI Headquarters, to open up discussions about the pilot that will likely start in Colorado.

As long as there is no controller sleeping…

Bring it. NACHI is the best.

Consultation Cards?
What areas are deemed qualified as initially inspected…

We’re another step closer to our goal of providing InterNACHI members’ clients with hundreds of dollars of gift certificates. No discount coupons, but actual gift certificates from a variety of retailers.

The ultimate goal will to cause consumers to order inspections from InterNACHI members just to get the gift certificates, or to put it in financial terms, have the sum of the certificates exceed the cost of the inspection.

Sounds great! I will try to make it to the chapter meetings next week.


It’ll work. Skip the pilot program in Co and roll it out - I want it in Florida

As long as it’s not one of those programs where you have to make purchases at retailers and mail in receipts in order to get the gift cards. Fell down that hole once and cost me thousands and headaches.

It’s not.