Pre Pour Fndtn Checklist help?

It’s been some time since doing a pre-pour and am scheduled for one later this week. Are there sources out there to help cover all the bases. I’ve got a pretty good idea of the items to look for but wanted to make sure all my i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed. Thanks for any direction YA’LL!:smiley:


I would inspect it to the code your municipality is currently using.

Not knowing what type of foundation your referencing I cannot help.

If your municipality is using the IRC, (without any local ammendments) post what type of foundation this is.

Slab on grade, footings-stem walls with slab, basement, post tension, etc?

Double post…oops.

Probably 99.99% of SE Texas foundations are slab on grade. How many are PT -vs- rebar I don’t know. Richard…here is a good website for your area that you may already have but, if not, it may give you some pointers. There’s no true checklist at this website though. Try:

Yes, it was a PT. Thanks for the site. I think I have seen that one a while back. Will save it this time around.