Pre-remodeling Inspections

Green and

Anyone seen this before.

New one on me.

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Dear Home Inspector

Stop waiting for leads just from Realtors on a home sale transaction.

Start getting more business:

1: Get new business by providing Pre-Remodeling Inspections.
Our homeowners want to remodel and they need inspections to see where
to best spend their money. We give you the leads for free.

2: Get new business by catching the ‘Green’ Energy Independence wave.
Our homeowners want to save money, and we have the Return on
Investment (ROI) data. Our Network resources empower you to provide
Green Home Health Checkups as a new service in slow markets.

Overall, our ROI data and resources are so well researched and
respected that the American Institute of Architects and the National
Association of Realtors link in and use our guides and rankings as
resources for their members. Clear Channel also picked us as “The best
user-friendly site for homeowners”. Now, we are offering Home
Inspectors the resources and Free leads for a whole year for just

Our Guarantee: If you do not perform a new home inspection within the
first 12 months, we will extend your membership and free leads for
another full year!

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

Marcel :):smiley:

I just got that email too. My company does offer energy audits already but there are very few requests so far.

got the same e-mail myself Marcel…