Predator series cameras

Looking for any info from anyone who has used the GT120 Predator TI camera
any feedback would help my purchase decision

Bob Byrd
Pacific Crest Property Inspections

Are you talking about the GPS cube ?

No, Pedator TI camera manufactured by General Equipment

Oh sorry did not see the Thermal section tag.

It is a private label camera out of China. This camera is sold under a lot of different labels, but at the end of the day it is an SDS Infrared camera out of China. They are junk.

They sent me several different cameras a few years ago and each and everyone had a horrible image. Their 388x244 (something like that) camera produced an image that looked worse than 100x100 to me. Super grainey.

Note the link to their site doesn’t even work any more, so getting service is going to be a little tough.

Jason Kaylor
AC Tool Supply
Net Zero Tools