Preferred Home Inspection software?

What are the most preferred software packages for home inspection?

When I was in school, home gauge and inspectvue were the instructor’s favorites. I have heard good things about homeinspectorpro too. What are the pros and cons of these software programs? Are there other comparable software packages?

Thanks for your help.

Chris Coburn
Oklahoma Inspector

Most have a free trial download. Try them all and see which works best for you.

I agree, choose what works best for you. With free trials you can take them all for a test run. Most people here will chime in saying this one or that one is the best without ever trying the others.

Any one that is worth having has a free trial period with unrestricted use for a month or so. You need to try them and see what one fits your style best. I have two of the three you mentioned in your post and they are both great.

Search these boards, it is discussed to nauseum.

Stay away from InspectVue. While I believe it to be a superior software, the company offers no support and if you aren’t already proficient in its operation, you will be left stranded if/when you run into a problem.

Yes ,you are correct other than the LINK.:slight_smile:

busted :mrgreen:

I’ll second Jeffs comment on InspectVue. I’ve been using this software for years now. Couldn’t be more happy with it.

I, too, agree with Jeff Pope about Inspectvue. Great program - NO SUPPORT. Give Home Gauge a try. I’ve used it for two years now and everyone, especially clients, like it.


Check out 3Dat They have the best software out there. Easy to use, great support, great product. Works on your desktop, laptop, handheld and your Windows 7 phone. Contact me directly for further benefits as there is way too much to list in one post.


I created and use my own software/reports. All of the others were not detailed enough, and not user friendly. Now, I can print on site, and it takes almost no extra time.

Down load them all and try them. I tried all and chose 3d for ease of use and the dtail I can put into my report


I agree with Nick :smiley:

Anyone tried the HORIZON software that works on the IPAD?


$4.00 a report. I think they store the data though which is a good thing in my opinion with the why the cloud is taking off. Find reports on your PC or Ipad no matter where you saved the report.

Would like to hear more about this one.

Why would you want to pay $800 or more per year over and over ?
Half that price and you own HIP for life with no corny illustrations popping up all over the report to act as filler.

I used it before I discovered HIP.

Bob, Is it compatible with the IPAD?

We have some people using it on the iPad with a program like gotomypc. It also runs on Mac & Windows natively and has since day 1. The only down side of iPad is that you can’t use it while you walk around as you currently need to use the virtual keyboard (which requires two hands). I’ve played with a few of the 3rd party handwriting apps but haven’t found any quite up to the task yet. I’m sure there will be soon though.

Horizon is also $12 per inspection unless you’re purchasing $2000 worth of reports at a time. I believe you also still need an internet connection at all times. If you have a great connection in your area that might not be a problem though.

What is $12 @ inspection times 200 ?
…and you pay that every year?

Is this software or a partner in the business?:slight_smile:

Please ,someone tell me what Horizon does that is worth that kind of big time investment?
They have not bothered to post one comment on NACHI as long as I have been here and they are just not bothered because they get suckers to pay that kind of dough somehow with no need to respond to us simpletons.

I like Horizons appearance but it is even with HIP and HIP is priced to sell with a guy here named Dominic that is constantly supporting NACHI.(No brainer)

HG has more gadgets but the final product is not quite as good on the client side and the same follows with 3D.
Report Host is a poor mans Horizon.

Think about it.