Preferred Vendors

I just had a meeting with a Realtor I am hoping to do business with, he is part of a huge Real Estate company, that will remain nameless as to not offend the billionaire owner. My realtor friend was explaining to me how their “preferred vendors list” works. One of my competitors; a larger organization just “donated” a substantial amount to this realtor group to purchase a new moving van. He went on to say that other “preferred vendors” have made less substantial contributions but all of the vendors they use, must be on this list.

When I ask him how do I get on the list, he said look for a way to help us sell more and that he looks for inspectors that; state the facts and not make recommendations for further inspection or evaluation, in his opinion these are deal breakers because the buyer takes it as a green light to ask the seller to pay for said evaluations or repairs no matter how minor they maybe.

I am really struggling with the “preferred vendor” concept as described here. Isn’t that part of our code of ethics? I also want to perform inspections with the clients best interest in mind, if I see something that I don’t think looks right and needs further evaluation shouldn’t I state it that way? I am not a contractor.

Is this the way the business works? I have left jobs for similar situations, requesting that I compromise my integrity in order to benefit business.

I asked an agent about this “list”. She said every office is a franchise, and they each are free to develop their own policy. She said that her office has such a list, but the agent can use whomever they want. Or they can use the list as an excuse to not use you.

I would like to think that most REAs operate with the same integrity I do, but I know the ones that want kickbacks or their inspectors to over downplay any issues are out there. Hopefully, there are enough with integrity and the customers best interest in mind to sustain me as I start my business.

Guessing Berkshire Hathaway?:smiley:

I can not confirm or deny the name of the aformentioned entity to which you speak.

Is that vague enough? :stuck_out_tongue:

Wouldn’t want to offend ol Worn Nuffet.

This is why he’s a billionaire

So they want you to make a no strings attached “donation” and “suggest” how you should write your report.