Prepare Your Home For a Virginia Beach Home Inspection

Just a few things to keep in mind before the home inspector arrives.

Selling a home in Virginia Beach

Looks good Troy. My only other comment is that a few of the frames change too quickly. I was unable to read them entirely before they changed.

Troy is one smart guy…

That is sweet, I will do my own soon!!!

Very Cool! I also suggest that you slow in down by a few seconds a frame. I look at the pictures, then go to read the description, but it changes before I finish.

I have got to start doing something like this as well. You’re setting the bar very high for the rest of us Ham & Egger’s. Well Done.

Very cool Troy, I agree with the others with slowing it down a bit. Other than that, good job.

I think it is a terrible idea I want to see how people maintain their house not help them to cover up items just think about the person that has been running HVAC with no filter or the wrong size, I want to be able to tell the purchaser that teh evaporator coils and or ducts may be filthy.

I don’t market to only homebuyer’s so it is kind of is a good idea for me.

Also, if a brand new filter has been installed you can see what it going on behind it if you look.

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