Prepared Insurance Company

This Insurance Co. just opened up a few zip codes here in Brevard county to start writing policies. The agents really like them because they have good rates.

However, they have their own 4Pt. form they prefer you use. (see attached) They will use the Nachi 4Pt. form (provided it answers all of the same questions their form does)

Also, the rating of “Average” translates to “Poor” in their book… to them the only acceptable answer is “GOOD”.

I have come across them 3 times in the last two days. They are very “Particular” :roll:

That looks like at least a $200 inspection.

There is no way I would do that as a 4 point.

It is my opinion if the want that then they should be paying the bill.

Please tell us what insurance company this is so we can be prepared before they reject a standard “which does not exist” 4 point inspection.

The internachi one is far more than most companies require based on all I have done. and I would not even do that one for the price of a 4 point inspection.

Good thing there are thousands more who can fill these out to keep the prices at rock bottom for ourfriendly neighborhood insurance companies who require this on their customers dime.

The Name of the Insurance Company is “PREPARED INSURANCE COMPANY” LOL! (See the name of the Thread) :o)

And, they will take the Nachi form…but they are VERY particular… the windows section etc… obviously doesn’t apply in your typical 4Pt… but they might be requesting more 5 pt. (windows included) inspections soon.

Sorry I thought that was your description of them.

I guess there should be a new book or continuing ed course for dog identification now also. I will write it if someone will publish it.

Thanks for the info.

At this point… I am thinking of a more “colorful” description of the them… But I’ll keep it to myself! :twisted:

Lowballer’s delight. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sweet this is going to Rock…State Farm wants a diagram, this company prefer its OWN form…man this is gonna get a lot WORSE before it gets better…

Wow combines 4 point, wind mit and almost a whole home inspection, will need to think a price on this one. I like the 100% circuit breaker panel question, its all those combination fuse and breaker panels I see out there…lol. I get there drift just not there wording. I’d like to meet the person who wrote this form for them, obviously not a tradesperson…lol.

This is a ****ing home inspection. Actually it is more than a home inspection. Be prepared for law suits on this one if you fill out this form. I wouldn’t touch one of those for less than $750.00. Guess who they are coming after for any failed item???

I agree with you there!
Trash, vehicles, that falls under the code enforcement tag.

I’d have to tell them that some items on their form are out of the scope of inspections.

They are asking you to do a four-point inspection, a wind mitigation inspection, a code enforcement inspection, and a insurance safety inspection!
I think your estimate of $750.00 is a little low Bill!
More like $1,000.00!

Anyone want to blow the whistle to OIR as to their questions about wind mitigation on this 4 point? Seems to me that if wind mitigation credits are going to be offered then the standard approved OIR form we all hate should be utilized. These guys amaze me how they just keep on making up their own rules. The state seems to be turning a blind eye towards it all. They(OIR) really need to step up to the plate and regulate the insurance companies and stop regulating the inspectors.

The OIR is useless.

These inspections will be done in South Florida for $65, count on it. :wink:

All day if they can meet my schedule. I have ALWAYS charged right in line with what the inspectors doing the inspections make or even more. Ask anyone who knows because you sure as hell have no idea.


Believe me there is nothing I need to learn from you, KMA! :twisted:


One thing you need to learn for sure is how not to be a prick.

You are nothing but a loud mouth little bit-h.:smiley:


This is a public board. If you have something bad to say, say it in private.

B U T T O N S… Pushed. :mrgreen: Cha-Ching!

Dude just a little advise for you. You may want to tone it down a bit. As much crap as you spew you wife may can your rear for making her company look like crap. Home inspectors are a dime a dozen now so you best beware.

apparently, insurance companies have been doing this kind of inspection for years. For lack of a better term I have come to call them underwriter inspections. Can’t remember if I got that from someone or what since they are apparently ordered by underwriting departments. A good friend of mine that is a retired fire inspector performed them part-time a few years ago after he retired. He did them for multiple companies and they varied somewhat in content, but typically included things like elevation pictures. large tree branches overhanging roofs. presence of un-caged or un-fenced pools, trampolines present, presence of certain dog breeds and other items depending on the company. According to my friend they don’t usually make appointments they just show up and may or may knock on the door. He said many of us may have had this inspection and never know it.