Preparing to sue CREIA in California.

I have no idea why these little associations pick fights that result in their own destruction.


LOL i love the part about preserving emails. Do not use a hammer


And yes, I’ve had a CREIA member try to tell one my agents I merely paid a fee to become “certified” and was not actually “certified” because I was not a member of CREIA.

Never did said member bother to ask me about my education (I have both ASHI and InterNACHI certifications and further non-association education).

And to add insult to injury, he did this at a Real Estate Mixer I was sponsoring!!

Although said agent was not swayed and still uses to me to this day.

I’m also trying to break in more into the Conejo Valley area, and I joined the Conejo Valley board of Realtors. On the Conejo Valley Board of Realtors links for inspectors, it only lists the CREIA website.

Good. After we outspend them in legal fees and they go belly up, we’ll take their domain name.

I just don’t understand why these little associations insist on picking a fight with a multi-million dollar giant. What were they thinking. Now they have to spend hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions in defense costs.

Wait a minute… I found their 990s: They only bring in $218K in dues each year. Which means they only have about 550 members. They’re really small!

Let’s do a little math here.
13,000 x 40 mo average membership equals…
what are they hoping to accomplish other than make a statement to their membership.

Time for local chapters to out match them and raise the bar even higher by example.

So we’re 6 days in.

Any response?

I sure hope not. But to be fair, we had to give them an opportunity.