Prepping for National Exam

Was wondering the best way to prep for National Exam. I have been studying the InterNACHI prep test questions and also Compucram Home Inspection exams. Any other testing I should know about. I want to be prepared for my exam in March. Appreciate any valuable input.

Took the exam on Tuesday and passed.

The Internachi studies are the best but the NHIE is kind of different. As much as I hate to say this I would buy the NHIE study guide because it was a dumb *** test in ways.

I had a study guide that helped but it wasn’t the NHIE guide.
Internachi practice was the most helpful

If your state requires it, Then only study for the state exam.

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In my case I need a HI license for doing 203K’s in Wisconsin. I’m already HUD approved for Minnesota so I just jumped on in.

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Congrats on the NHIE Paul!

Thanks Tom.

Do as many courses you can here and use the study guide here. If you do that it will cover must of the questions. Their study guide preps you for how they want the questions answered.

I have taken it twice, study the code check books, especially the diagrams/drawings.

Know what a Hartford Loop is, and the different heating systems. Know the piping sizes to fill buried oil tanks, know the rules regarding incandescent lights in closets, understand lot grading, know the requirements for retaining walls, notching boring in wood framing, understand vapor barriers.

The list is endless and many of the questions seemed esoteric to me.