Presentation to 8th Graders for Career Day

I had a very good opprotunity to do a power point presentation for the eighth graders at a Public School. I did for 5 differant groups. It was a great time. The students asked questions and gave some comments. I had some pictures and told what was involved. The last two sessions I have several facualty members come in. All the teachers and guidance counselors thought it was interesting too.
I also had a chance to tell the students to keep themselves marketable. Do not go out and get all the pin holes and marks on thier bodies. I had a chance to encourage them to finish school and go on. It was a great opprotunity!
I have recieved 3 thank you letters from the school since. So if you get a chance to speak to students take a vantage of it. Great payoffs. I know I made an impression because my son who was not there heard about it. I also passed out 50 business cards in the school. Great Marketing Tool!

Rick Paul

What fun!..sounds like you had some good influence on them too.


It really was a great time. I hope I was an influence on them. I really like dealing with Teenagers. That is America’s Future! It can be my contribution to society!