Presentation to client.

Hello fellow inspectors -

I’m looking for some ideas, and input. I have done my presentation to a client 2 different ways, and was wondering what others do, and what do you think is more effective.

  1. When my inspection was complete, I took them around, and showed them MOST of what I had discovered, in person. This led to adding on an additional hour to my total time, if not more.

  2. When my inspection was complete, I loaded my photos onto my laptop, and showed them each photo, explained why I took it, what I would recommend, and moved to the next photo. This cut down the time to about 1/3.

After both ways, I always tell them they will have my report emailed to them within 24hrs. Both ways seem to produce a happy client. I am just wondering what you fellow inspectors find to produce the best results.

I do know my time is important, and if there is a way I can cut down on my time in the field, yet not sacrafice the quality of my work, I am all for it. I am leaning towards just showing the evidence on my laptop vs giving them a full fledged tour of the home.

Thank for reading.

Some reason they are not with you during the inspection?

I have yet to have a client want to be present for the 2-4 hours I take to do an inspection. Under normal conditions, I offer them to be present, and if not, I tell them to show up around 2 1/2 hrs after my start time.

Thanks for answering my questions with a question. :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you a member of InterNACHI?

If they are on the inspection with you the whole time you won’t need to brim them around with you again.

I just take them around and touch base on the bigger things/main systems and components, not every little thing (usually takes about 15 min to half hour.) I also tell them all will be covered/documented in their report.

Hey Bob, I do number 2. I use Palm Tech software on a Galaxy Note 3 for the inspection. At the end of the inspection it take about 60 seconds to transfer the pics to a galaxy 10" tablet. And then I go through the pictures on the tablet. It make the pictures easy to see, I can even pinch the screen to zoom in. Take about 15 minutes to do the presentation, or long if there is something that we go look at. Hope that helps. How do you transfer the pictures to the laptop?

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I provide a verbal summary at end of Inspection. If Customer doesn’t understand (verbiage questions or vague look on their face), I take them and show them the issue. Tell them they will have full report today and call me if they have any questions.

I provide a hybrid of 1 and 2. sideshow presentation and maybe step away from the laptop to show an issue in person for better understanding.

If the client is attached to my hip from get go, he’s getting his presentation as I inspect.

Hope this helps.