Presentation to investors

Was invited to give a presentation to a group of Real Estate investors, yesterday.

Went as a represntative of NACHI and presented the Commonly Seen Home Inspection Problems Power Point.

About 50 investors and they gave me 90 minutes. Great opportunity!

Good group. They enjoyed the talk, and the information.

I referred them to this web site and the the Chicago Chapter’s web site for inspectors and information. My policy, for these things, is to wear my NACHI shirt (not my trademark orange shirt) and to promote NACHI rather than my own business. No one wants to sit through a sales presentation, so I do an educational presentation.

Lot of work coming. These guys averaged about 10 properties (single family and multiple unit rentals) each and are looking for more. They came from as far away as Rockford and Joliet.

Hope this helps;

Very Cool Will, Send a few of them up my way :slight_smile: