Presentations to Mortgage Lenders

Has anyone put together a presentation or marketing package specifically for mortgage lenders (ie. banks, credit unions, brokers).

I did a couple of informal presentations to lenders and I have received more calls from this route than the traditional realtor. A higher percentage of buyers are getting preapproval mortgage $$ amounts prior to viewing a home or contacting a realtor. The mortgage lender seems to be the frontline person in referring professional services. One lender I contacted had a bank of business cards standing on his desk, several realtors, contractors, movers, but no HI. I was glad to add my business card and brochure.

I am planning to put a formal presentation package together. Once I get close to a finished product, I’ll put it out for comments. Does anyone have any thoughts, ideas and/or suggestions on how you have approached this in the past.

Any input is greatly appreciated.

Aurelio Roncone
AccuSpec, Home Inspection Services