Presenting to Realtors as a New Inspector

I’m brand new to inspecting with no previous trade experience. I completed training/education through ICA, done ride alongs, mock inspections, recently received my state licensed and got insured, now working on CPI certification through InterNACHI.

I’m lucky enough to have landed a 10-15 min presentation at a realty office’s monthly meeting via Zoom (due to pandemic restrictions). Because of the lack of actual work experience as an inspector, what would you focus on saying in that situation?

Why did you put yourself in that position?

I guess you best address the new REA;s in the room and show that you and them share something in common, both are in the same boat just starting out and need work,

Ha! Right? I’m eager to get started.
That’s great advice regarding the new REA’s. Thanks.

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What I mean is that I did not work professionally in any construction-related trade prior to this. I have some knowledge and experience from renovating and repairing my properties. I wanted a change and was really interested in the home inspection process. So, here I am.

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Try this:


Good luck on your presentation! I don’t have any tips for you as I don’t do them. I have done only two when I first started. My experience: the most embarrassing 10 minutes of my life. I came to learn real quick that agents could care less about what I had to say. I thought I had a pretty good presentation, even brought food, but the looks I got and reading the facial expressions of how uninterested they were turned me off from ever doing any marketing towards REA’s again.

My focus and marketing has solely been to the people buying or selling and it has done me well.

In my tenure of 2 years doing this I have been bribed, called uneducated (even when I have references from the state code office on some of my findings), called a deal killer, been told that they don’t ever want to use me cause I’m too thorough etc… That’s how I know I’m doing a good job. I work with a few realtors consistently because they love how thorough I am.

This has been my experience so far with agents. I’m sure it won’t stop but, my advice to you for your first presentation, do NOT pay attention to them. Focus on you and your presentation. This is where I went wrong. I focused too much on them and not enough on myself for those presentations. Good luck to you!


So talk about the common issues we have to deal with in flipper houses…

That is a liability to them and they can use your expertise with rehab work. You are a contractor turned home inspector.

You might want to present that you do your inspections in accordance with state law and do not exceed that unless asked by the client to do so Remember, to them you have “Deal Killer” tattooed on your forehead.

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Real estate presentations are difficult but can pay off big time in terms of marketing your business.

The key is to present useful information and plug yourself at the end. Find a subject or topic to talk about, make sure it’s interesting, make a slideshow with pictures not text.

Don’t focus on how new you are or any of that. Identify what sets you apart from your competition (commonly referred to as USPs: Unique Selling Proposition) and state those in the final few minutes.

Example of USPs:

Same day reports
Free infrared scanning
Money back guarantee
Free digital HomeBinder

At the very end,

Thank them for their time and ask for the “sale” IE

“If you found this information useful, please try me/us on your next home inspection.”

Good luck man!

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  1. never say you’re new.

  2. Don’t focus on yourself, focus on something useful. Trust me, they’ve heard it all, and they don’t care.

  3. Pick a topic they will find useful, like simple things they can inspect themselves, or how a GFCI works, or something they can tell their clients that make them looks smart.

  4. Just be nice. People like doing business with people they like.


…like simple things that they can share with their client…maybe a $25.00/$50.00 coupon that they can say the wrangled out of you for them. Agents like to be seen as good guys helping their client.

That is for sure! I like personable people to do business with, too…smile!

And keep it short. Maybe, 15 to 20 minutes, or so, max.

EDIT: Talk about how you can help them not just about yourself…begging for work!

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I wouldn’t waste my time.


I never did any presentations to agents but Jessi may want to and those are my thoughts.

In fact, I was only in their office to pick up a key, or such, 8 to 10 times in all the years I inspected. And I did VERY well inspecting.

To each their own.

Best to you Jessi!

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I did one just yesterday morning, although not new, I’m “new” relative to the other inspectors in my region. With that said, I’ve never found them to be embarrassing, awkward, or a waste of my time. For every 10 realtors that are afraid you’re a deal killer, you’ll find one that values your expertise and looks forward to the information you have to provide at an inspection, as it’ll help them negotiate the best and fairest deal for their client.

I don’t look at them as much of as a presentation, as much as a conversation. Depending on the audience and size you’re speaking to this can be difficult, but often I don’t find it to be more than 15-20 people. You’re the authority, you have questions you can answer, you can offer them your services and what makes you better. Deal Killer or not, there are two ways to present your information to the client, one is in person, on is the report, from there you can present it any number of ways. I’ve been with many inspectors and in many cases its the objectivity that goes out the window, and those are the deal killers. But I digress, just focus on what you have to offer, not what you don’t, and include them in the conversation.

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