President of National Consumer Group Joins Alliance of Missouri Home Inspectors


I advise Nancy Seats to watch her back!

JB, did you give just her, a free membership, or the Tens of Thousands of Consumers also? :mrgreen::mrgreen:

Kenneth…I will give you one hour from my post to delete your “warning”, to fully justify it with all supporting evidence, or face a complaint for unethical behavior.

Why James, you don’t think she can be targeted by the unscrupulous builders or contractors that she is fighting against, that you mentioned in your post? How is that unethical of me to warn her?

BTW, your PM’s threatening to have me kicked out of Nachi if I don’t remove my post is what some would call an abuse of power, is it not?

You are lying.

As my PM stated, and as my post stated, you have an hour from my request to delete your post, fully justify it with supporting evidence, or face a complaint that I intend to file with ESOP Committee against you for your intentional act to harm my business.

Your choice.

Trying to censor a member are we??:shock:

No I am not…you’re trying to trick me into posting your PM…sorry, no cigar.

You’re off your rocker! Are you bi-polar? Now, all of the sudden, you want to censor members?

Hold your ground Kenneth. This is insane!

The ESOP Committee handles posts made by members.

I have asked him to delete it, justify it, or face a complaint.

The choice is his.

One entry found.

Main Entry:
Middle English ypocrite, from Anglo-French, from Late Latin hypocrita, from Greek hypokritēs actor, hypocrite, from hypokrinesthai
13th century
1 : a person who puts on a false appearance of virtue or religion
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I already justified it in post # 6 and the evidence is in your post #1, so go ahead and file your complaint about the imaginary,intentional act to harm your business. BTW, are you saying that the Alliance of Missouri Home Inspectors, is your business? I had no idea…is it a Non Profit or a For profit business venture? Wow! I can’t believe you are trying to censor me…after all of your complaining! Especially since I only have that brave ladies well being in mind! What’s up with that? :shock:

I’ll quote this for sh!ts and giggles later on.

Is this your official response to my request that you remove your post, justify it, or face an ethical complaint?

Does it sound “iffy”?

Go ahead James, kick me out and prove Ray Wand right, boy will I owe him and the others an apology! There is not one single word in that post against you or your,“BUSINESS”. But that does not matter does it! :roll:

It’s your call.

LOL,… just another thread of how “inspectors” who are not marketing their business actually spend their time. Truly unreal.