Presidential Pandemic

I quit listening to Fox News about a year ago. The hatred and venom that spewed forth was more than I could bear and the predictions of doom and gloom…but now, I see the light.

It was often reported by them that a black democrat would never be a president until pigs flew and now…after only 100 days…swine flu.

My hat is off to Rupert Murdock.

Obama is perpetuating a stereotype. On one hand his administration is going after lenders, claiming they targeted black neighborhoods and caused the people in those communities to borrow way more than they could ever afford to repay, while at the same time Obama goes out and borrows 2 trillion… way more than he can ever afford to repay.

Tempting but no, not today.:wink:

Oh man, that could not have been easy Michael. :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

… and furthermore, inflation (the monster waiting on the other side of this recovery and created by borrowing) is disproportionately harder on minorities.

You could triple the price of a gallon of milk tomorrow morning and I wouldn’t know.

You would if you eat cookies, bread, ice cream, butter, cheese, etc, or any other product that uses milk as an ingredient.:stuck_out_tongue:

Cappuccinos and lattes.

It wasn’t;-)

I applaud you Michael.
What is the deal with Republicans trying to get the public to believe the last pandemic happened under a democratic president too? They are just one year off.

I must have missed that.

Is this really a pandemic or are you just supposed to think so to take your eyes off all the crooks in Washington? :roll:

“Never let a crisis go to waste” R.E.

Now you’re not suggesting a worldwide conspiracy are you Michael? :shock:

Must happen because of the new carbon tax.

It is a well known fact, that viruses are partisan. ;-):wink:

The government did not tell anyone about the New York fly-over. I guarantee he is not telling us about a lot of other things.


You mean the same guy who promised the most open and ethical administration ever, didn’t mean it? :roll:

Imagine that.:shock:

The biggest killer of the poor is… drum roll please… big governments!

Big governments murdered over 100 million civilians in the last century. Tax and spend = murder.

That is odd Nick as the two biggest improvements in the health of the public world wide ever, is Potable drinking water and Sewage treatment, both brought to you by the Big Government. :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

Cant blame him on that one because he did not know till it happen. Military leaders did that one fellows.
And i know he is the boss , But sometimes he trust your managers to do a job they screwed up.

Both of which could just have been accomplished without government.:roll:

Well since the BEGINNING OF TIME they did not get it done. How much longer should we give them??? :stuck_out_tongue: