Pressure and flow rate


Lets get something on the table here

Pressure and flow rate

Flow rate can be calculated by putting a 1 - 5 bucket under a faucet and timing how long it takes to fill it.

No big deal – Pressure is measured with no flow - which means very little if the feed pipe is very small

So when is this an issue?

My vote is flow rate – give a darn about pressure - this takes into account the pressure and possible restrictions

And what is a flow rate when we should flag the results. Remember that some A$$ might have put in a water saving valve or just reduced the shut down valve under the sink.

A little information here would help




Fuction flow, is normaly at around 4 gpm




Do you check for functional flow with a pail or bucket?

Without the 1.6 gpm aerators and reduced flow shower heads! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Thanks Gerry

Yes 5 gal bucket outside faucet only

Inside is a judgment call based on the eyeball and comparison to other inside faucets

Same with drain speed

I will take a picture of a slow faucet if I can for the report