Pressure Regulating Valve

Recently inspected a 1920s house that had water service supply lines updated. I noticed 2 PVC “clean-outs” protruding from the ground adjacent to the water meter. In one I found the main cut-off valve for the house. In the second I found the PRV. I usually see the PRV in the house (crawlspace or basement). This house was on a slab but has anyone else found PRVs in the ground? Just a first for me.

Yes, 99% of them (valve & PRV) around here are near the meter and accessed via a ~6" pvc pipe, usually with a small cast iron cover on them. SOP for SOG :smiley:

That’s good to know. I have a client that is going to change over from a well to county water. May be a good setup for them since their house is on a slab.

The issue that I see here with that arrangement is that over time, maybe 5 years or more, then the pvc gets filled up with dirt and debris and obstructs the access to the valve or the prv. I have a standard comment that says:

Whenever I have a customer here that needs the Pressure Reducing Valve installed I recommend they also purchase a “Valve box”. These allow for ample room to install and for future maintenance / access. These can usually be found in the area where the sprinkler supplies are located. Almost every one I have ever found has been just after and adjacent to the meter. The only exceptions have been on Mobile Homes where the PRV is usually right under the edge behind the skirting where the main supply line enters the bottom of the home.