Pressure regulator help

Yup the puppies are the highlight of the show!


The fitting on the dryer line was bad, replaced


Problem solved, good to hear Bryan, :+1:

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It’s a hard thing when your kids grow up move away, first thing you want to do get in your car and go, Thanks everyone


@bteske glad to hear that you got it sorted

@mwilles sorry for the late reply, early start to the day and two separate crawls from hell today. In regard to source… couldn’t possibly imagine a manufacturer committing to writing there, regardless of potential accuracy. So (and I’ll openly admit to poor wording on my part with my earlier post) it’s more a situation of undocumented cases that have come up enough times to where there’s a decent amount of substance to it.
Personally, I’ve encountered it 3 times now. But wasn’t until the the second one that I decided to do some checking around on it. As that one was at my own house. Talked with 3 plumbers (follow up with the installer at my house, one other was a friend, the last one a cousin with 40+ yrs) and they all independently gave similar responses.
Tankless seem to be the worst culprit. The comments were all basically that the chamber emptying on startup causes it. Did a fair amount of digging and found more than a few plumbing forums citing the same thing.
Then, later, talked to the hvac installers on the inlaw suite we added on about something kind of related and it came up. And they said the same thing about some of the furnaces. Checked with my hvac guy after that (he mostly does commercial) and he said the same thing (although he felt that it was primarily on lesser brands and likely related to the o-ring at the inducer).
I’ve not done near the same level of checking on the hvac as I did the tankless - partially because that could also be a result of a cracked exchanger among other things, and as such I assume there’s less to find there because issues would be addressed in bigger form.

So, yes, most definitely a poor narrative written to a bunch of people that critique narratives on my part. And admittedly nothing that I’ve been able to find in MF print to support it in a definitive sense. But more than a bigfoot tale in regard to repetitive issue from what I’ve encountered

if nothing else, anyone that wants to come hang out on my back deck near the exhaust to check it out is more than welcome to lol