Pressure Relief Valve

During my inspection on Sunday I noted that the boiler was leaking, and upon further investigation found that the pressure relief valve was leaking. I took one picture of the valve and wanted to get a better picture, just as I clicked the picture and the valve went off like old faithful. Scared the crap out of me!!

This is a good reason to recommend that there be a Pressure relief valve drain line on the boiler.

The boiler was short cycling and steam could be seen coming from the valve also.

Yes I did save the camera, wiped it off and it was back to work

Glad you didn’t get scalded

That would be a freak accident. What were the chances of you catching it on camera? 1 in 1,000.

Fixed it for you…


Any thing for a good picture for the report

Add this link to your report section…

Ben… How about a Nachi version???