Preston's Guide

I paid $45 for a 3 month subscription to the on-line Preston’s Guide. I’ve tried three times now… no luck. It couldn’t even find a ten-year-old Burnham boiler.

Does this service ever work for anyone?

They have an online guide for $15 per month. Ouch. That’s expensive.

It’s much cheaper to get your own Personal copy.

Prestons Guide

Hi Kenton,

I have both the Prestons CD and book and frankly I am not greatly impressed with either Russel and others keep telling me that the Carson Dunlop guide is better.

$15 a month for the online feature sounds bloody expencive with the book only costing $80 ish and the CD around $120



I years ago picked up a bunch for Canadian Home inspectors .
Many including me where disapointed .
I and some othersi know gave ours away .
I like many others like the C&D better .
Roy Cooke

Considering how well it’s worked so far I don’t think I want to buy it at all, so I’m only out $45 instead of $95. So… there’s bad news and good news.