Prevent camera lense scuffing in crawl??

HI Folks!
A-Team Home Inspections here in Portland Oregon. I use simple Canon Digital cameras for inspections—about $110 each—but they only last 3-4 months based on scuffing the lense in the crawl. Try as I may I cant seem to avoid this. Anyone have a solution - or a recommendation of a better camera situation? I go through 3 per year on average.
Thanks for your help-

Happy Inspecting!

Hold the camera lense pointing into the inside of the palm of your hand.

Or wear a camera holster. Ruining a camera while traversing a crawlspace should not be an issue.

The only issue I have ever had when I used cameras was the lens mechanism that extends out each time and dust/debris in the crawl keeping it from retracting properly…is that what you’re talking about?

I’ve crushed three Olympus T-100’s in attics, just move on to the Olympus Tough T5 and love it. Little bigger price but got the one year damage warranty. Lens is covered by a replaceable protective cap, waterproof, and supper fast picture speed. Zoom sucks, but great for everything but roof shots from the ground.

Buy a better camera.

The Olympus tough has a much harder lens that is resistant to scratching. When you get out of the crawlspace, just run it iner the faucet to wash the mud and dirt off.