Preview: 2012 New Ledger-Bolting Code Requirements

A Preview of New Ledger-Bolting Code Requirements…

Interesting. Maybe more will start building decks as free standing, self supporting.

Seems to me to be the best overall solution in many situations.

And what many should have been doing all along.

I’ll probably need to buy that deck program what’s-his-face was pushing a month ago. :wink:

Couple questions, isn’t the following 5" max between bolts a moot point:

if the bolts are required to be staggered?

And how could you even accomplish staggering the bolts or at least having high and low bolts to resist spliting if this is the end result of the allowable bolt locations?

With first question, I believe 5" max between bolts is only referring to the ends, where two bolts are required.

Yeah, I couldn’t tell because all the illustrations were of the end of the board. Are the written changes available anywhere yet, anyone have a link they can share?

Majority of the homes I have built have free standing decks…with the exception of those homes with basements…too many times the soil was not properly compacted and you end up with what what can truly be called settlement issues. In one case I did a deck for one of my subcontractors who built the home himself… I asked him several times if the soil was properly compacted to which he said it did it himself. I explained to him how it was suppose to be compacted and he said he did it exactly the way I explained. He called me after the first hard rain to complaint he deck has dropped 12 inches and wanted me to fix it. I went back out and saw that the grading along whole back side had dropped anywhere from 12 inches to 36 inches…he eventually admitted that all he did was rent a skid steer and backfilled himself.

I told him the only way I would fix it was to tear the deck down, pull all the soil out and properly compact it. He ask me to jack the deck up and attach it to the house for which I refused due to flashing issues which were going to cost more and additional framing that would be needed since he had floor trusses spaced 24 inches on center.

Rarely do I find decks properly built and/or that are in satisfactory condition…pretty much like roofs…you inspect it long enough you will find something.

Jeff, correct me if I am wrong, but aren’t ‘free-standing deck’ footings supposed to be at the same depth as the home footings, and also on undisturbed soil? Unless the original excavation of the site was deeper than necessary, the backfilling and compacting is a moot issue, (as far as the deck is concerned).