Previous Over head garage connections.

The garage now is provided by an underground service.

My questions is for the old overhead connections.

They seem to me to be poorly capped and taped.

I am not sure if they are still energized.

Is there a better way to cover, cap, seal the wires.

With the roof drainage system above. Water and ice could occur.

And with the bird nest I can see the birds pecking on the caps and using in there nest!!:stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for you opinions.

127808 015 (Small).jpg

It’s my understanding that if they are abandoned, they should be removed. If they are live, they should be in a J-box.

If they’re live, wouldn’t they still have to be connected at the service panel?
If they are they should be removed.

Removal of conductors/wiring as per the NEC is not a requirement for line voltage wiring.

As far as protecting the open ends of conductors, the picture shows what would also be code compliant.

With that said, if the overhead has been converted to underground, those conductors are most likely not energized.

But…if I was a HI, I would site that this wiring should be checked out by a licensed electrician…remove the liability from you and put it on someone else :stuck_out_tongue: