Price Chart On Website

Price list on the website a good or bad move?..

I personally do not list fees.
The purpose of my site is to motivate a phone call.
Then it’s up to me to price it & close it.

The definition of sales:
“the gentle art of giving someone your own way”
Good luck! :slight_smile:

If your pricing is the most compelling reason for someone to hire you, then you should most definitely publish it prominently on your website.

No list on mine either.

I do not list pricing on my site. I price based upon age, square footage, crawl/no crawl. I also offer IR for radiant heat or a whole home scan. (Yes I DO NOT give IR for free). I want the phone to ring not have someone move on because they saw a price.

I have two Palm-Tech license for sale, Ill make someone a great deal.
Please call Dale 405.921.3895