price for these

I have read all the post on MIC… What kinda of price… I have not seen what the going rate is… or are these freebes… so you can get there HI of there new home… tks


I would price them the same as a pre-listing inspection…if I did them.

They are no different than a regular home inspection.

thanks for the info…


with MIC you would use there report on line? how would I set up an account with MIC to gain access to there reports?

MIC doesn’t use a different report than the one you are already using. It works with all reporting software. Putting it online is free for InterNACHI members through , InterNACHI’s sister report upload service.

Nick, Thanks for the help. I have seen some post on the top 10 reason for MIC but there no direct answers. I want to put all my ducks in a row before I start marketing MIC. When doing the MIC at what point can you either say the Home is MIC or the defects are so great you can not justify putting a MIC sign on the front lawn? I have been looking around and talking to the Realtors in my area nobody offers this as of yet.

Good luck Chris. I’ve been marketing this since it came out. Since that time, I’ve done 3 seller inspections total, one of them wasn’t interested in using the report for marketing, one didn’t want to do MIC but used the report in her marketing as part of her disclosure, and one of them is still up in the air on what she wants to do. All in all, I’ve spent a bit of time and money on pushing something that apparently isn’t too popular at the moment.

Mark, Have you used the property fax?


Mark, I live in Colorado Springs, I have been marketing the MIC but no luck yet. Is there any any stats for this area on the MIC program.

Tom Camp